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ErgoRaise - Laptop / Tablet Stand w USB 3.0 Port HUB

$89.98 USD $148.84 USD
Options ( Choose with or without USB ports)

Better Spine Health. Less Strain On Eyes.
Designed With Convenience In Mind.
Premium Laptop/Tablet Stand with inbuilt HUB, That Looks Great, And Makes Life Better.

  • Adjustable Height & Angle
  • Heat Dissipation
  • Larger Base, Enhanced Stability
  • Wide Compatibility
  • USB 3.0 Ports
  • After-Sale Service

Note : There are 3 options of the laptop stand above (with/wihout USB) . Please choose what best suits you.

Laptops can be painful to use for long periods of time.

Laptops may have come a long way in terms of both speed and portability, but very little has changed in their form factor throughout this time.

And this means the same ergonomic issues that plagued the very first laptop largely still exist today.

Think about that.

Ever Wonder...

Why does your neck pain everyday after work?

Why does your eyes strain to the poing of complete tiredness?

Why you are not able to focus on your work for long periods of time?

Why you are not able to get peaceful, restful sleep?

While working in front of your desk all day we dont realise, but small things effect our overall health which in result affect our productivity. And sitting in a wrong position is the main causeof all the problems mentioned above.

Luckily, we have a solution for this problem!

When it comes to laptop ergonomics, one of the most 

important pieces of accessory you can own is the laptop stand.

Quite specifically, the ErgoRaise™ Premium Laptop & Tablet Stand

with a Built in USB HUB by Atman-spring

We have been there too!

Restlessness, Strained Eyes, Extremely tired throughout the day, Back / Neck Pain - You name it. 

We even bought painful Posture Correctors to solve this!

But the solution that finally worked was also one of the simplest.


Secret Revealed

Some of the most productive people - incuding top CEOs and award winning creators already know this. By raising up their screens to eye
they keep their spines relaxed and can work longer hours without losing productivity.
While figuring out this solution and coming up with designs for the Ergoraiser, we went a step further.

No more bending down or fumbling around trying to find those pesky USB slots to add your external HDD or useful accessories while working.

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