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Seborbs (4 Pack)

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Reduce anxiety and boredom for the price of a couple cups of coffee..

Introducing Seborbs, the Best Fidget Toy of 2022 designed to reduce overthinking, stress and most importantly plain old boredom!

These things seriously look like they have come from space, you will be throwing and squeezing these Seborbs whilst your mind wonders onto a whole other planet. Now that's one fun way to relax and chill!


Key Features

  • Glow Technology - Made to glow in the dark for hours so you can play at all night long and to find them just turn the lights off!
  • Instant Suction - Designed to stick and fall at different times to test your speed, watch as your coordination goes up and up
  • Satisfyingly Sticky - Stick the balls together and squeeze them to relax, great for ADHD, OCD and anxiety 
  • Safe to throw - No one wants a hard ball to hit them, and that's why Seborbs are made out of soft material that will not hurt you!
  • Endless fun - Take a break from your screens and throw some Seborbs!

 Squish them together and chill out


Soak your Seborbs in sunlight or lamplight for 2-4 minutes, to release its awesome glow!

Fresh Seborbs are extra sticky and will require a rub on a fuzzy surface before use (carpet or blanket).

For maximum stickiness, rinse them with water after each use to get rid of excess fuzz.

What's included?

4x Seborbs in each package 
 A Thank you card with a discount!


Q. How big is each ball?

A. Each ball is approximately the size of a golf ball or super ball. 

Q. Do they glow in the dark?

A. Yes, they do.

Q. How can I make the Seborbs sticky again?

A. That's easy! Simply wash the balls with soap and water to get their stickiness back.

Q. Will this leave a residue?

A.  Seborbs™ leaves no sticky or oily residue.

Q. What surface should I try to use them on?

A.  For best results use gloss surfaces, to reduce stickiness, roll the balls on the ground before use

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